poetry for a new epoch

The Poets

Below, in no particular order, other than the order the poets, kindly, agreed to feature work on this blog, are short descriptions of each poet.



Poetry represents, for me, the most pure use of language. A way to convey the mystical, the emotional, the essence of the human condition. It is, primarily, a spoken medium, to be heard rather than read. In some ways it would seem more constrictive than prose but, in a way, those restrictions allow for an expansiveness of expression that is, sometimes, difficult to distil in prose.

Poetry is the alchemical aspect of the written medium, the mixing of elements to create something pure and golden.


Kay March

catch words
as anyone who catches butterflies
and then loosen them on paper
this vast white sky
after flooded
by the flowered mantle
of an endlessness of colorful wings


Saida BUL

Poetry has always been a world where I can escape. A word where I get to express my feelings in a beautiful way. With time, it becomes a necessity for me.

What I write about most, is romance and nature. I love to play with these two elements in my poetry. Mostly what really triggers my poetry is what I feel. I think this is the same with every other poet.

I would love to share my poetry with as many people as possible. Just for the pure desire of sharing. If the reader reads my poem and gets something beautiful from it, that is all I ask for.



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