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A Dry Storm

I watched a thunder cloud rolling by
Its marching brigade stomped on velvet soles
Lightning bugs flashed in lazy response
It never rained, just roared in muffled solace
Closer, further…
.                        closer…
.                                  further…
The booms growled to another landscape


Author: M. M. Danielson
Creative Commons Licence


A Voice That Sounds Like You

These cliffs, within the mists they dream
praying to the wind, they sing
waves come and go on an eternal swing
longing, I miss their touch, so much it aches

This is one strange, Spring… filled with tricks and magic
both Winter and Summer beside my wing
strand golden along the sand, I stand
waiting for a Sun that doesn’t come

I’m cursed… with foreseen memories
a lone shell wrecked ashore
waking the Moon and the Stars
the Night arrives, daring me with its dark light

Drifting the horizon, the Albatross stares
watching my departure…it screams, as
I am leaving the dunes never to return
I swear it’s calling my name with its older voice

a voice that sounds like you…


Author: Kay March
Creative Commons License

Daughter Of Ancient Gods

I am a wishing well
Hiding dream’s murkiest depths
Born of winter’s pure breath
On drifter’s wrinkled face

A mayfly’s memory
Of warm June afternoons
Those will not ever come
Or vanished much too soon

I am a pearl in mud
A diamond in the dirt
The storm-clock ticking fast
A song you’ve never heard

High-priestess from the past
Caring for gods’ delight
Vow quietly pronounced
In temple of the night

I am a raven’s claw
Spirit you’ll hardly tame
A Vestal warrior
Healing wounds with a flame

Silent dove’s crying eye
Hurts me more than a sword
Stars, mist and foliage
Build my eternal fort.


Author: Gabriela
Creative Commons Licence