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‘Welcome Home’

My shadow is cast in all directions
The lights shine brighter for me
My footfalls are hard on the pavement
I will not be stopped

I chased Death out the door
and under the pallor of the night sky,
she worked her way into my chest
Her fingers ventured forth
with the warmth to melt my iron doors

Now I smoke a cigarette in the bone yard
I sit here waiting, wishing
for someone to lie by my side
The wind moans like a lover in my ear
It whispers ‘come back to me’

Walk with me through my haunted places
If we grow a shadow, it’ll soon disappear
I can show you beauty,
if you follow longer than fear allows
The smaller lights cast a greater glow
in the blackest of places


Author: M. M. Danielson

Full Copyrights are asserted by the author.

Copyright 2012 M. M. Danielson
Creative Commons Licence


A Dry Storm

I watched a thunder cloud rolling by
Its marching brigade stomped on velvet soles
Lightning bugs flashed in lazy response
It never rained, just roared in muffled solace
Closer, further…
.                        closer…
.                                  further…
The booms growled to another landscape


Author: M. M. Danielson
Creative Commons Licence

When Years Catch Up

There were years when I would chase the words
to speak of the souls and worlds around me
but I have run round the bend,
over the hill, and through the woods

Today is the last heaven I am to know
I go where the space is empty
I take what is left behind
The competition is over
because it never began

Author: M. M. Danielson
Creative Commons Licence