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A Call to Alms

eternity drum


Author: kozmikfish
Creative Commons Licence


Curious Game

Frigid stone
in place of brain
Am I able to face
day again?

Atone defeated years.
Replace mute tears
with some stable thing,
give that thing a name.

Not just weighted clay;
that deep heart seated
and unstated shame,
but to trust my part
and play this curious game
in a more fluid, less rigid way.


Author: kozmikfish
Creative Commons Licence



I know not the shape
this sorrow makes,
elusive, bleak, unknown,
or what resolve it takes
to seek and taste it’s edge.
Scrape at this place of heartbreaks
and face myself, alone.
Feel my furtive way,
steal some silent grace.
To chase this empty grief
down to the real heart bone.

We seek the shape of what is lost
and keep alive, through speech,
the spirit of all we do not own.
Win redemption by giving voice
to each name of all that dies.
Rejoice in the joy of living,
of giving, forgiving, leaving behind
the names of all those things
we thought we required
but can, safely, leave behind.

Reach this moment. Now.
I find my soul is heart shaped
and inspired. Contained
yet unbounded. It sings
unrestrained, the things of life
and finds all fear unfounded.
So dance! This sacred dance.
in which we all play our part.
Yearning, deep rhythm rooted
in the turning of the earth,
the seasons and the tide.

Eternal Birthbeat of my ever giving heart.
This breath. My Heart Voice.
Speaking now. My Soul Song.
I long, simply, to make contact,
nurturing the hint of grief
present in every loving act
and know the relief, human needs,
in touching something, someone
outside of myself. That is not me,
yet is me. To just Be. To know
the Eucharist of each risen sun.
The Beltaine moment. To bring
forth hope and love. Fix seeds
into the rich soil of my sorrow.
and above all, feel faith to know
in that moment a rose has begun to grow
and it will brighten my tomorrow.

Author: kozmikfish
Creative Commons Licence