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A Voice That Sounds Like You

These cliffs, within the mists they dream
praying to the wind, they sing
waves come and go on an eternal swing
longing, I miss their touch, so much it aches

This is one strange, Spring… filled with tricks and magic
both Winter and Summer beside my wing
strand golden along the sand, I stand
waiting for a Sun that doesn’t come

I’m cursed… with foreseen memories
a lone shell wrecked ashore
waking the Moon and the Stars
the Night arrives, daring me with its dark light

Drifting the horizon, the Albatross stares
watching my departure…it screams, as
I am leaving the dunes never to return
I swear it’s calling my name with its older voice

a voice that sounds like you…


Author: Kay March
Creative Commons License


Still Waters

Still waters
a clear grace of mirror eyes
dripping tears as rain
leaving rainbow reflections on the plain
Nature reveals herself… everything
a quiet secrecy, unfolding
for you and me

Still waters
where shadow mists keep longing
in the afternoon falling
there is a deep sound, calling
wild roses attending
Paradise Lost, last its dissolving
tracking your face for me

Still waters
the path is full with stardust
entwined memories of ancient forests
your drawings on the wall
they are the sky
when I’m lying on the ground
dreaming of you and me

Still waters
the wolves disturb its silence
with their solitary presence, singing
and the Moon is shining,
hiding behind the sun
a silver crimson growing,
greeting you and me

Author: Kay March
Creative Commons License