poetry for a new epoch


I still believe poetry is an important medium of artistic expression and that poets have an important and necessary voice.

For me, poetry is the alchemical aspect of the written medium. Good poetry is distilled in the heat of the inner furnace, sublimated, rendered, boiled down in to a concise expression of meaning, theme and language.

The title Long Count is taken from the Mayan Calander which predicted the end of one epoch and the beginning of another in 2012.

The intention is to feature work by poets who are creating poems that are as valid as anything that has gone before: Poetry for the new epoch.

I will state in the boldest terms: I have a very clear vision concerning what is poetry and what is not poetry. I have left a number of magazine and forums recently not because I have had work turned down myself (a process that every artist has to expect and experience) but because of the quality of the work that has been selected. Work that I would consider as doggerel.

As a sideways homage to Magritte….

is not

Originally, I was going to open the blog up to allow other poets to select work and post but for the time being, at least, I have decided to hold on to the artistic control. At first, I shall be inviting other poets to place work on the blog. If this expands to poems being submitted, please do not be discouraged if the work is not accepted. As I say, I have a clear view of the poetry I want to promote, based on themes as well as quality.

Having said that, it is the intention of this blog to encourage poets and poetry writing. I hope to have a section for young poets, up-and-coming poets. This aims to be a positive experience, for the readers and those whose work is featured.


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