poetry for a new epoch

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Curious Game

Frigid stone
in place of brain
Am I able to face
day again?

Atone defeated years.
Replace mute tears
with some stable thing,
give that thing a name.

Not just weighted clay;
that deep heart seated
and unstated shame,
but to trust my part
and play this curious game
in a more fluid, less rigid way.


Author: kozmikfish
Creative Commons Licence



Daughter Of Ancient Gods

I am a wishing well
Hiding dream’s murkiest depths
Born of winter’s pure breath
On drifter’s wrinkled face

A mayfly’s memory
Of warm June afternoons
Those will not ever come
Or vanished much too soon

I am a pearl in mud
A diamond in the dirt
The storm-clock ticking fast
A song you’ve never heard

High-priestess from the past
Caring for gods’ delight
Vow quietly pronounced
In temple of the night

I am a raven’s claw
Spirit you’ll hardly tame
A Vestal warrior
Healing wounds with a flame

Silent dove’s crying eye
Hurts me more than a sword
Stars, mist and foliage
Build my eternal fort.


Author: Gabriela
Creative Commons Licence

When Years Catch Up

There were years when I would chase the words
to speak of the souls and worlds around me
but I have run round the bend,
over the hill, and through the woods

Today is the last heaven I am to know
I go where the space is empty
I take what is left behind
The competition is over
because it never began

Author: M. M. Danielson
Creative Commons Licence


The air is sweet
In my distant dreams.
Where did the sun go?
Away we went,
Across the sea,
To a land we didn’t know.
Adventure planted on our face,
The mood felt lighter,
I think it was the place.
We entered into a world,
Of freedom and youth
To enjoy the rest of these days.


Author: Kayla
Creative Commons Licence